Quick Muscle Recovery Methods for Training

Speeding up muscle recovery is critical to the development of your body and physique. Working out is only part of the struggle. Assuming you are already eating healthily and know the importance of proper nutrition for your body. The next step is to make sure that you are fueling your body before and after your workout to maximize energy and muscle recovery. A lot of people don’t worry about nutrition, thinking that it isn’t necessary or that it won’t make a difference. Here are five methods to aid with increasing muscle recovery.

Post Workout Meals

After you workout you should make it a priority to optimize the forty-five minute window that follows your training session. You want to eat something that has a balance of both carbohydrates and protein. This kind of meal, especially when consumed after strength training, helps you build muscle. As long as you have this meal within two hours of exercising you will increase muscle building which will boost your metabolism long term.

However, be cautious about how much protein you consume. Janice R. Hermann, PhD, says, “The best use for protein is to repair and maintain body tissues. If people eat more protein than they need for tissue maintenance and repair, their bodies use it for energy. If it is not needed for energy, their bodies use extra protein to make fat. It then becomes part of fat cells. If people do not eat enough calories, protein in food and in their bodies will be used for energy.”

Hypertrophy and Protein Synthesis

In a report written by B Esmarck, J L Andersen, S Olsen, E A Richter, M Mizuno and M Kjær, hypertrophy and protein synthesis was studied in humans and rats to study whether or not protein really has an effect on muscle growth and repair. The study was conclusive, finding that the consummation of protein was effective after performing strength training.

“The stimulation of protein synthesis after bouts of resistance exercise probably follows a specific time course. Thus, it has been observed that protein synthesis is greater 3 h compared to 24 and 48 h post exercise (Phillips et al. 1997). As protein administration is crucial for an optimal effect on net protein synthesis, an early intake of protein after exercise is likely to be important. Recently, it was observed that young individuals had identical acute protein synthesis responses to an amino acid-carbohydrate intake during the first hour following ingestion, irrespective of the supplement being administered 1 or 3 h after resistance exercise (Rasmussen et al. 2000). However, in a resistance training study on rats the timing of a mixed meal ingestion after each training session influenced net protein synthesis over a 10 week training period, as the group that was fed immediately post exercise increased hind limb muscle mass more than the group fed 4 h later (Suzuki et al. 1999).”

Muscle Recovery Massage

The benefit of a massage is that it soothes aching muscles. Muscle massages aid in circulation and relaxation which helps the muscles heal quicker. Deep tissue massages can prevent muscle swelling which aids in flexibility. As simple as a deep tissue massage is, it should not be dismissed as a practice for speeding up muscle recovery.


Isometrics is like static stretching. Use your rest day to perform isometrics to help loosen up those tightened muscles which is both soothing and beneficial to the muscles. The difference between isometrics and stretching is that you hold the stretches for a longer amount of time. Even though Isometrics is low intensity it increases circulation allowing for your muscles to receive the nutrients that it needs quicker than just simply doing nothing on rest day. You will need to perform this for each muscle group to receive the benefits of isometric exercise.

Rest and Sleep

Resting literally works wonders on our bodies. Operating on fatigue leads to nothing but injuries, especially when training hard. Getting some sleep or a nap can help your body heal quicker. Less sleep can leave your body fatigued and mentally unprepared for the next day. You should be getting anywhere from 7-10 hours of sleep per night. When we go to bed at night we are allowing our bodies to rest and heal from the work we’ve put it through during the day.

There are plenty of things that you can do to ensure that your muscles recovery quickly without having to do anything out of the ordinary. You can beat muscle fatigue through proper nutrition to make sure that your body is receiving proper nutrients to heal. Prevent injury by stretching before each and every workout. Including an adequate amount of beauty sleep to effectively speed up muscle recovery.

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