How to Grow Avocado from Seed

An avocado plant makes a great home decoration and if you plant it right, it eventually grows into a tree producing avocados. Growing an avocado tree is unlike planting other plants. It’s fun and fairly easy, even for those who don’t usually have a green thumb. In fact, it’s so easy that it’s often a popular classroom activity for children. The best part is, all you need to get started is an avocado, some toothpicks, and a large glass of water.

How to Start an Avocado Tree

The first thing you need to grow an avocado tree is an avocado seed. You can easily obtain one the next time you slice up an avocado for your toast, salad, or guacamole. Be careful when you slice into the fruit. You don’t want to break through the brown shell, which is actually the seed cover. Once you have the seed, carefully wash it off to remove any leftover avocado meat and then dry it.

Now that you have a seed, you need to determine which end is the “top” and which is the “bottom.” The top, more pointy end grows the sprouts and the bottom, more flat end grows the roots. The distinction is easier to determine on some seeds than others, usually the ones that have a more oblong, rather than a round shape.

Use Toothpicks for Avocado Seed

Using three or four toothpicks, prick the sides of the avocado seed around its widest part. This will create a support system that allows you to float the avocado above the water in the glass. It may take a couple of tries to get the toothpicks in just right; it can be easier to insert the toothpicks if you angle them slightly down. Remember, the pointy end is the top, so make sure that it is pointing upwards.

Once the toothpicks are in, you can gingerly suspend the seed over a glass of water with the toothpicks resting on the edges of the glass. The water level should cover about an inch of the hovering avocado seed but no more than half of it for the seed to sprout.

Planting Avocado Seed

After you have set the seed, you must wait patiently for the sprouts to appear. This can take anywhere from four to eight weeks. Using a clear glass will make it easier to see when the sprouts begin. It is important that during this time you change the water frequently, in order to maintain the water level and also to prevent fungus and bacteria from growing.

The avocado seed will begin to dry out and a crack will form. Eventually, you will begin to see a root at the bottom of the pit. Make sure that this root stays in the water at all times.

Avocado Tree Care

Once your avocado’s stem has reached about six inches, cut it back by half to encourage new growth. After it has reached six inches again, you can pot it.

Pot the avocado seed in an 8-10″ pot, leaving half of the seed exposed. Place it in a sunny spot, like a windowsill, to encourage growth. Continue to keep the plant very moist, but be sure not to overwater. If you have overwatered, the leaves of the plant will turn yellow. Don’t worry if you begin to notice yellow leaves though, simply hold off on watering for a while.

After your plant has reached 12 inches, pinch out the top leaves to encourage new leaves to grow along the stem and make the plant bushier. Each time the plant grows another six inches, repeat the process to ensure that your avocado plant grows in full.

Avocado Tree Fruit

Although you may hope to grow avocados in an effort to avoid buying them at the store, be aware that your plant may never bear fruit. Some plants start fruiting after a few years; others may take more than a decade. Whether or not your avocado tree will bear fruit is nearly impossible to determine, but multiple plants can help to ensure that pollination takes place. Because avocado plants require so much patience, they are mostly used as decorative houseplants, but can be moved into pots outside in the summer or planted into soil in areas that don’t experience frost.

How to Grow Avocado Trees

The next time you eat an avocado or use one in a recipe, save the stone or pit. Planting your own avocado tree is fun and easy. It is perfect for all ages – for the garden, for indoors and it also makes a great project for class or at home…

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