How to Avoid Dry Damaged Hair at Home

Unfortunately, there are several dry hair treatments that may turn the hair into fragile, frizzy strands of thread.  A way to remedy dry hair is to follow common solutions that you can do yourself to avoid costly hair salons.  Great make-up as well as an outfit that is astonishing can help if your hair looks dry and frizzy, it just doesn’t look good, you still have dry hair. Dry hair has lots of causes – to ensure you are on the right path to more beautiful hair – avoid direct, harsh chemicals, low fat foods and maintain your hair with moisturizers.

Blow Dryers Damage Hair

Blow dryers are hard on hair because of the direct heat. When you blow dry wet hair, hair strands expand with the heat and contract during cooling. This can cause breakage – and the more you use it, the more dryness you’ll have. Give the blow dryer a break, and let your hair dry naturally when you’re not in a hurry. The same goes for curling irons, straightening irons and any other hot appliances. The less heat the better.

Hair Treatments Damages Follicles

Chemical treatments break bonds in the hair and cause fragility and breakage. This is especially true for people who already have dry, fragile hair. Stay away from perms and straighteners – and if you must color, go for a non-peroxide based formula. Never use bleach on dry hair. The results can be disastrous. Better options for dry hair are semi-permanent hair colors that don’t lighten, temporary hair rinses and henna.

Other chemicals to avoid? Stay out of swimming pools unless you put on a protective bathing cap – and wear a straw hat when you’re out in the sun. Sun and chlorinated pools wreck havoc on dry hair.

Diet Affects Hair

Are you getting enough fat in your diet? If not, your low-fat diet could be contributing to your dry hair. Skin and hair need essential fatty acids to stay soft and healthy. Make sure you’re getting enough of the right kind of fats in your diet. Good fats include monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in fatty fish, nuts, avocados and olive oil. If you don’t eat fatty fish, talk to your doctor about taking a fish oil supplement. It can do wonders for dry hair and skin.

Moisturized Hair

Choose a hydrating shampoo with a low pH that’s specifically made for dry hair. Look for one without sulfates that can dry hair out. Choose a moisturizing conditioner without alcohol that’s made for dry, damaged hair – and use it each time you shampoo. Use a hot-oil treatment once a week that you leave on for 20-30 minutes. More importantly, cut back on how often you shampoo. Daily shampooing is hard on dry hair no matter what shampoo you use. If you need to freshen your hair up, shampoo the roots only – or use a dry shampoo product or comb cornstarch through the roots to absorb excess scalp oil. Go light on hair care products like sprays and gels since they can make hair even more fragile.

Well-Maintained Hair

Dry hair tends to break and split. Get a trim every six to eight weeks to keep your mane well-manicured and free of split, damaged ends. Don’t use tight bands to pull your hair back, especially if you sleep in them, because they can cause breakage. Wear a hair barrette to hold your hair back instead.

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