Healthy Tidings to Make your Holidays Healthy

Good tidings to make your holiday healthy – what does tidings mean – the spreading and sharing of joy and the sharing moments of togetherness. However, your friends and family will probably receive a ton of gifted edibles that are full of sugar, fat, and artificial ingredients. Don’t be afraid to break free from this unhealthy tradition and give those you love something that will make them feel good, rather than sending them into a sugar crash. We’re not saying you should gift someone a big old platter of raw vegetables (you may not have many friends left if you did that!), but you can incorporate real, fresh ingredients into a gift baked with love. Try making homemade banana bread, gluten-free granola bars, or even real homemade jam for a healthy twist on holiday munchies. Here are four other tips that will help you say healthy during the holidays.

Drink Smartly

When it comes to holiday celebrations, we typically think about food first. But the truth is that we consume a lot of our unnecessary and unintended calories via our alcohol intake. The kind of alcohol we consume at holiday gatherings can make a big difference to our calorie and sugar intake, and holiday weight gain is usually not just because of our second (or third) helpings. When you’re at a festival cocktail party, try to stick with red wine or light beer. It may sound a bit boring, so choose one that you’re happy with—test taste some pinot noirs, or go with a holiday-edition brew to get in the spirit. These choices are usually much lower in calories and sugar, and you don’t get the unhealthy additives (e.g. simple syrup, soda and cream) that are in so many festive cocktails.

Workout First

If you’re not usually a morning workout person, the holidays are a great time to start this healthy habit! With friends and family coming over, preparing meals, and taking care of errands, it’s easy to talk yourself out of a workout that you meant to get to in the middle of your day. You don’t have to hit the pavement for hours—just choose something that will get your body moving. Doing this in the morning will also boost your metabolism, and signal to your muscles that it’s time to get to work. Since holiday celebrations are full of food and booze, it’s important to dedicate time to your physical well-being. Commit to adding at least 30 minutes of exercise to your morning, and you’ll be more energized throughout the day (as well as less tempted to gorge on sweets).

Small Plate Portions

With so much delicious holiday food, it’s natural to let yourself have a bigger portion of your favorite dish—after all, these occasions only happen but once a year! If you know you’re going to be tempted to go back for another round of something, start smart by grabbing a small plate. Studies show that we are more likely to feel full when we see a full plate, but that doesn’t mean you have to fill your huge entrée plate. Try using the appetizer or salad plate for second servings.

Be Actively Creative

While holiday sweets and big family meals are all part of the holiday tradition, it might be time to start a new tradition! Your celebration can include grandma’s special pie, as well as a walk around the neighborhood, a scavenger hunt with the kids, or an outdoor family game. Instead of posting up at the TV and waiting for the dinner bell, go for a walk together. If you’re cooking at home, find a farmer’s market to visit on your bike, or walk to the grocery store if you can. Find little ways to get out of the house, and you’ll be amazed at the big difference they make!

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Good tidings are healthy tidings to make your Holidays Healthy.

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