Health Benefits of Eating Blueberries

Blueberries don’t only taste good, they’re also good for you! For one blueberries helps with reducing sugar and carb carolies. Blueberries are one of the easiest and most popular healthy additions that you can use to sweeten a recipe. Whether you’re whipping up a cobbler, muffins, pancakes. These tiny berries are packed with powerful antioxidants and benefits that boost our immune systems.

Promotes Weight Loss

Blueberries are packed with flavor from their natural sweetness, but they are amazingly low in calories. They are also high in water content, so they will make you feel satisfied and full. This in turn help prevent overeating and promote weight loss.

Low Blood Pressure Levels

With high blood pressure, blueberries may be the perfect little addition to your daily health regimen! The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics released research that showed women who ate blueberries had a notable drop in blood pressure levels.

Good Cardiovascular Health

According to a study by Harvard, women who ate blueberries (and strawberries) three times a week decreased their risk for heart disease by 34%. Making blueberries a regular part of your breakfast at least three times a week helps your body build a healthy supply of anthocyanins.  A type of flavonoid that have been linked to heart health when consumed regularly.

Helps with Arthritis

Thanks to their antioxidant-rich makeup, blueberries can relieve pain from arthritis. Antioxidants act as powerful anti-inflammatories. Try incorporating blueberries into a daily meal by using them in a salad or a smoothie.

Lowers Osteoporosis Risk

Blueberries contain a ton of nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin K, and other vitamins that help maintain bone and joint strength. Building up storage of these vitamins allows your body to tap into the vitamins over time. Helps to protect bone and joint health through the aging process.

Boost Immune System

Diets that are high in fiber are recommended for those with diabetes, or for those who have a history of diabetes in their family. Blueberries contain almost 4g of fiber per serving, which is a lot considering their small size. All berries tend to be high in fiber, so you can treat yourself to a bowl of colorful berries for a big dose of morning fiber. Top off a bowl of unsweetened rolled oats with some blueberries, and get half of your day’s worth of recommended fiber.

Alzheimer’s Prevention

According to research, blueberries have been linked to improved brain health, cognitive abilities, and benefits within the nervous system. One of the biggest finds in regard to brain health was the connection that blueberries had with improved memory. Study participants ate blueberries every day for 12 weeks, and saw memory test scores improve.  Aids in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Low Sugar and Carbs

While blueberries definitely provide a burst of sweetness, they’re low on the Glycemic Index scale. This means that people who are sensitive to blood sugar swings will likely not feel a “crash and burn” effect after eating blueberries.

Blueberry research could help diabetes sufferers

Blueberry research could help diabetes sufferers. They are widely considered to have health benefits and of course they count as one of the five a day for fruit and veg. “Traditionally blueberries are imported to Scotland but this innovative research we are funding is using new technology to develop.  Researchers aim to boost Scottish blueberry production. Press and JournalNew technology helps scientists create blueberry plants more suited to Scottish Daily.

9 secrets of wellness warriors

9 secrets of wellness warriors. “Top of the list is blueberries because they are so high in antioxidants,” she says. A comprehensive study of 93,600 women by the Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School also showed that eating lots of berries benefits heart health.

Many consumers in the dark about blueberries’ health benefits

Many consumers in the dark about blueberries’ health benefits. It seems not a week goes by without another medical study singing the praises of blueberries. The tiny fruit, rich in antioxidants, is credited with a multitude of health benefits, from slowing the aging process to.

Blueberries may offer benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder

Blueberries may offer benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder. “We need to conduct a clinical trial in people to be certain that this works, but based on our studies in animal models, there is evidence that blueberries may help to mitigate some of the problems associated with PTSD,” said Joseph Francis, Ph.D., the …Could Blueberries Help Treat PTSD? (blog)all 4 news articlesᅠ»


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