Best Things at Home for Migraine Relief

Migraines are extremely common, and can be devastatingly painful. While there are certain prescription drugs that can help relieve the pain.  It is worth considering whether a more natural approach may help. Here are some of the best home remedies for migraine headache relief, along with instructions to help you use the relevant techniques.

Caffeine Headache

You would think drinking caffeine wouldn’t help a migraine headache (since it can trigger tension headaches), but caffeine is actually helpful to migraine sufferers! In fact, many migraines can be caused by a lack of caffeine, especially if you are addicted to caffeine. If you’re trying to wean yourself off caffeine, take it slowly so as to avoid triggering a migraine.

Reduce Stress

Try and remain stress-free as far as possible if you’re constantly in a stressful situation.  This could very well be the cause of your migraine. If you are at work, try and go home early if you feel a migraine coming on, even if you don’t plan to sleep. Simply getting away from work and trying to relax.  Home can do wonders for your migraine headache, and may even stop it in its tracks if you’re in the early stages.


This powerful essential oil can help treat sinus headaches fast, so it may be worth trying if you’re suffering from a migraine headache as well. As a bonus, eucalyptus works as a natural expectorant, which means it helps to eradicate mucus and phlegm. If your migraine has developed during a cold or flu, this home remedy may be especially useful.

Humidity Exposure

Exposure to humidity appears to reduce the incidence of migraine attacks. However, if you’re using a humidifier, be sure to regularly clean and properly maintain it, as bacteria can easily get trapped inside the machine. Alternatively, just go to the bathroom and let hot water run in your tub to create a humid atmosphere. Afterward, the discomfort will spontaneously reduce, and you’ll feel much better.

Ice Wraps

This remedy is both relaxing and pain-relieving. Begin by running water over a towel, then squeeze some (but not all) out. Fold the towel, then place it in the freezer for five minutes, or until the towel stiffens. Unfold it, then refold it, keeping the frozen part in the center and the parts that are still wet on the outside. Place the partially frozen towel on the affected area.  You’ll feel immediate relief from the major migraine headache symptoms.

Eat Salt Foods

Salt consumption is one of the most common home remedies for migraines. It has been found that when a migraine is in its beginning stages, eating salty foods will lessen the intensity of the migraine. This solution may or may not stop the migraine.  However, it does allow time to prepare the frozen towel as described above.

Head Massage

Relax in a dark room while someone massages your scalp, but be sure to ask them to massage the head and not the temples. A helpful addition to this method is to add the ice pack or towel as outlined above, gently applying it before and after the massage. Ten minutes of massaging should be sufficient, but if you find this does not help then other alternatives should be sought.

Drink Water as Much as Possible

Water is crucial during a migraine, and may help address the source of some migraine headaches.  For many people, simple dehydration is a trigger. Eight glasses of water per day is suggested. In any case, water is among the best remedies for migraines, as it helps to reduce the intensity of the pain. Some say that iced water is especially effective.


Resting in a dark, quiet room (with no strong smells) is another great way to get rid of your migraine headache. Relaxation alone is one of the best remedies for migraines, and can sometimes relieve a migraine by itself, or at least reduce the intensity. Try to slowly distract your mind from the migraine and think about other things. If you keep focusing on the pain, it will only get worse.

Apply Heat Packs After Cold Packs

This will get your blood running again after use of an ice pack. Once the blood vessels have stopped swelling, you need to boost blood circulation again. Switch to the heat pack after about 15 minutes of ice pack use. The combination of cold and heat has been proven to reduce or remove all kinds of pain (think of Icy-hot and similar products). This is among the most successful remedies for migraines.

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