After The 90 Days Diet Have a Longevity Diet Plan

So you have completed The 90 Day Diet and now you want to keep that healthy happy feeling and you want to keep your weight down or maybe even lose some more weight.

Well now is the time to move onto “The Live Longer Diet”. It is a low sugar diet that is based on our ancestor’s hunter gatherer eating habits.

“The Live Longer Diet” will help  you to become healthier, it will minimize the risk of protracted illnesses, and help you to lose even more weight without even feeling that you are on a diet.

“The Live Longer Diet” consists of:

Lots of protein , seafood, and other animal products, (or vegetarian equivalent), and lots of healthy seeds, pulses, fruits and vegetables.

There are practically only 6 rules for longevity after dieting.

  • Stick to moderate to lower fat consumption. Basically, you need to cut the trans fats and the Omega-6 polyunsaturated fats in your diet and increase the healthy monounsaturated and Omega-3 fats that were the mainstays of Stone Age diets. In a nutshell, stick to organic butter, olive oil, organic sunflower oil, extra virgin coconut oil, (my favourite) and non hydrogenated spreads like Flora.
  • No added sugar. If you must have sweetness then use Stevia, which is a natural plant sweetener.
  • When possible, no white foods. Use wholemeal flour, brown rice, wholemeal pasta etc.
  • Keep your portions down. No piled up plates. It is better to eat little and often rather than 3 massive meals a day. If you must have that big meal in the evening, try to eat as early as possible or do some gentle exercise like a brisk walk after it is digested.
  • Eat fresh organic foods when ever possible. Fresh foods naturally contain five to ten times more potassium than sodium. Keeping to “The Live Longer Diet” will make sure you eat healthily which will effortlessly and naturally keep your weight down.
  • No processed foods or if you have to eat processed food check the salt and sugar content. Some processed foods contain far too much salt and sugar.

You will love “The Live Longer Diet” because virtually nothing is taboo accept added sugar so your meals can be adventurous and delicious.

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The Longevity Diet

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