90 Day Diet Plan Makes it Easy to Live Healthy

The diet that will not only help you lose weight it will teach you how to eat for life.

What is the 90 Day Diet Plan?

It’s not just a diet plan, it’s a life plan.

Want to lose weight?
Want to become fitter?
Want to become healthier?
Want to live longer?

You want to make sure that when you get to the 90th day you won’t go back to your old bad eating habits, you’ll have learned how to get rid of your sugar addiction, (and yes you have one even if you don’t like sweet things), and eat healthily so that you can live a longer, happier life.

So what makes this diet different?

After your 90 days you may have reached your ideal weight but you want to stay feeling healthy and you want to live a healthier, longer life too. “The 90 Day Diet” will create your diet for life.

This is no ordinary diet. This diet will not only help you to lose weight, but by incorporating our recommended recipes and “Super Foods” in your diet, it will help you to live a longer healthier life.

This life changing diet is based on detoxifying, food combining, metabolism changing and healthy eating. If you follow the 90 day diet you will not only lose weight, (you could lose as much as 6lbs a week), you can radically change your metabolism so you can keep it off – no more yo-yo dieting – no more starving on lettuce leaves! If you continue afterwards following my tips for a more healthy lifestyle then you could still drop a couple of pounds a month but more importantly, if you incorporate some Super Foods in your diet,  you could live longer. I believe this diet to be the best diet and easiest diet you will find that delivers many benefits. Lose your sugar addiction, lose weight, change your metabolism and live a longer life.

How does the unique 90 Day Diet work…..

It’s essential that the stomach only receives compatible food groups, (other than fruit), each day.

The reason for this is that it is far easier for us humans to digest one food group at a time. We were hunter gatherers in ancient times so our digestive systems were not built to mix different food groups. When our ancestors caught a wild boar do you think they’d store it and wait until they found some veggies or potatoes to go with it, I don’t think so!

Some foods are digested in the stomach while many other foods are passed to the small intestine to be digested. Also the time frame is different as some foods can take ages to digest while others are digested in just a few minutes.

The acid in your stomach is there to digest your food but can’t deal with all foods as some foods need alkaline for good digestion, imagine eating 2 or 3 different combinations that all need a different medium for digestion – no wonder people have stomach troubles, what would you expect when some foods are held in the stomach too long, waiting to be digested, think about all that food putrefying in your stomach!

How many times have you complained of discomfort after eating a big piece of fruit pie? The problem is that the fruit digests in minutes but the carbohydrates in the pastry need hours to digest. So because the fruit can’t pass through the intestine fast enough it putrefies and becomes toxic.

If you follow this diet you will find that it is not only kind to your stomach, it is rich in all the vitamins and minerals you need. But the real magic is that it should change your metabolism so that when you have done your 90 days the weight doesn’t pile back on and YOU FEEL GREAT and if you follow my low sugar, healthy eating tips you could live a lot longer too!

When you start your diet, you’ll notice that once a month you should have a water only day. This should come after the fruit day and before the protein day.

In any case you must drink a lot of water, at least 3 pints a day would be good. You can have some of this as tea and coffee…no sugar of-course!

You can have fruit at any time and on any day except your water day but eat it at least 1 hour before your main meal. The reason you can eat fruit is because it digests very quickly and is full of goodness! Remember that there is a lot of sugar in fruit so don’t over do it!

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90 Day Diet to 55 Pounds Less: This diet plan was created by a registered dietitian and nutritionist. It is b

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