90 Day Diet Plan, 5 Steps to Fast Start your Success

Starting with any diet, it may be best to use these 5 actionable items. Will be easier on you and will enable you to get your 90 day diet off to a fast start!

1. Clear your cupboards of all the bad foods.

Definition of some bad foods are:

  • All chocolate with less than 70% cocoa solids including biscuits and cakes.
  • Refined sugars including brown, white, golden granulated, golden syrup and molasses.
  • Sweetened cereals such as Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, Cocoa Pops, Sugar Puffs, sweetened granolas etc.

2. Don’t buy snack products

Snacks include items like crisps and biscuits, (even healthy ones), they will only encourage you to graze, stick to 3 meals a day with one item of fruit in between as a snack.

3. Try to walk instead of driving.

If you must drive, when parking the car choose a spot far away so that you can get a little exercise walking to your destination.

4. Choose the stairs instead of the lift.

Walking is good for you but is considered to be a low intensity aerobic exercise, while stair climbing is more of a moderate to high intensity aerobic workout.

5. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Your body needs water to function and if you are not drinking enough then it will squeeze all the moisture out of your food as it is digested thus causing constipation. This means that you can eat the best nutritious foods but your body cannot extract these nutrients from the hard dry matter. Constipation is your worst enemy. To lose weight your body needs to defecate at least once a day, more is even better so drink drink drink.

If you start by following these 5 little tips you will see a difference within a few days even before you start your healthy diet. But remember, they are easy to do but they are even easier not to do so just do it!

Before your 90 Day diet starts…

Remember, before you start your 90 days it is a good idea to test if any of the foods you are eating are actually doing you more harm than good. This will really kick start your weight loss.

You can do this by testing foods. Try starting with a 4 day non-evasive detox. Don’t worry, you will not be starving yourself, you will simply be eating the right foods.

It will mean eating a limited number of foods that are unlikely to aggravate your digestive system. You will then test specific “highlighted” foods everyday for the next 2 weeks to make sure that that food is not inflaming your system so causing you to put on weight.

You will find that you can actually lose weight after just changing the foods you eat to foods that are kinder to your body. This doesn’t mean giving up bread and eating plates of lettuce. In fact wholemeal or even white bread is usually a non inflammatory food (unless, of-course you are allergic to gluten) but our tests have found iceberg lettuce to be highly inflammatory.

The equipment you will need to start your diet:

A good scale so that you can weigh yourself every morning, this is important, if you do it right your will lose as much as a pound a day, it could be even more!

A refillable water bottle. You will need to drink at least 6 of these bottles of water a day.

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